Anti-Static Bubble Bags

Our Anti-Static bubble bags provide cushioning to electrical equipment as well as protection against static. With a self-seal adhesive strip, these bags are easy to use. They are pink in colour to easily differentiate from standard bubble bags. We keep a variety of sizes in stock although we can supply bespoke products for your requirements.


Code Description Product Size Pack
ASBB1 Anti-Static Bubble Bag 100 x 135mm (Size 1) 1000
ASBB2 Anti-Static Bubble Bag 130 x 185mm (Size 2) 1000
ASBB3 Anti-Static Bubble Bag 180 x 235mm (Size 3) 750
ASBB4 Anti-Static Bubble Bag 230 x 285mm (Size 4) 500
ASBB5 Anti-Static Bubble Bag 280 x 360mm (Size 5) 300
ASBB6 Anti-Static Bubble Bag 305 x 435mm (Size 6) 250

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