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Arofol Poly Bubble Lined Bags

The Arofol brand of poly bubble lined bags is manufactured by VP Papier. They are tear-proof and water repellent to make your products extra secure in transit. These bags are made from polyethylene as well as being lined with high quality air bubble film. Additionally, poly bubble lined bags are light weight and easy to write on with a ballpoint pen. They are also fully recyclable.

Arofol Poly bags can be printed to your specification and can include your logo and choice of text. Printing is available with up to 6 colours and can be printed on both sides. To discuss options to suit you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Code Description Product Size Pack
AFP-B AroFOL Poly 120 x 215mm 200
AFP-C AroFOL Poly 150 x 215mm 100
AFP-D AroFOL Poly 180 x 265mm 100
AFP-E AroFOL Poly 220 x 265mm 100
AFP-F AroFOL Poly 220 x 340mm 100
AFP-G AroFOL Poly 230 x 340mm 100
AFP-H AroFOL Poly 270 x 360mm 100
AFP-I AroFOL Poly 300 x 445mm 50
AFP-K AroFOL Poly 350 x 470mm 50
Arofol Poly

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