Cable Ties & Security Seals

Cable Ties

Our cable ties come in natural and black varieties and are used to fasten items together like electrical cables. We also stock a range of lengths and widths to suit many applications.

Security Seals

Security seals cannot be opened without breaking them. They suit varying applications such as sealing bags, cages and trolleys. Additionally, these are available in different colours.

Security seal

Code Description Product Size Pack
CT-100 Cable Ties (Natural) 100 x 2.5mm Per 1000
CT-200NR Cable Ties (Natural) 200 x 3.6mm Per 100
CT-300 Cable Ties (Natural) 300 x 4.8mm Per 100
CT-250 Cable Ties (Black) 250 x 7.6mm Per 1000
CT-380 Cable Ties (Black) 380 x 7.6mm Per 1000
Y-CT Cable Ties (Yellow) Per 1000
SEC-SEALS Axis Blue Security Seals Per 1000
SEC-SEALS-RED Axis Red Security Seals Per 1000

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