Packaging Machinery

Fasfil Paper Void Fill System

The Fasfil Paper Void Fill machine produces crimped paper that effectively protects goods when in transit. It converts 100% recyclable fan-folded paper into pleated lengths that reduces the amount of packaging needed to void fill. The Fasfil 1500 machine is reliable and easy to use; it requires minimal training and maintenance. It is operated by a foot switch and has practical modes such as manual, programmed lengths and auto repeat modes.

Additionally, it produces paper at 390 feet per minute to keep up with demands. The machine can also be adjusted to a convenient height and includes a swivel head for easy use. The reload process is simple and it’s designed to prevent paper jams.

  • 100% recyclable paper
  • 390 feet of material per minute
  • Customise the paper lengths
  • Easy foot switch operation
  • Variety of modes (manual, programmed lengths, auto repeat)
  • Minimal training and maintenance needed
  • Adjustable height and swivel head


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