Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers

At Cotswold, we recommend the TD2100 Marsh gummed paper tape dispenser. The large 70oz water bottle is the biggest available so it is long lasting. Additionally, it is easy to load and requires little cleaning. The sturdy structure and stainless steel guillotine cutter ensures long life and little adjustment. It accommodates tape up to 305 metres long and 9 inches (222mm) in diameter. Furthermore, the open design allows the user to see how much tape is left.

The gummed paper tape dispenser saves time, energy and ensures efficient packing. The steps are simple –

  • Pull the handle to the desired length on the scale.
  • Releasing the handle cuts the tape to the accurate length.
  • You can cut to a repeated length by using the mechanical stop on the side of the machine.


There is also an automatic machine available as seen in the picture below.

There are many advantages to using gummed paper tape. The dispensers speed up packing and, because it’s 100% recyclable, it is environmentally friendly. To enquire about gummed paper tape machines, call our sales team or fill out the form.


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