Protective Packaging

Instapak Quick RT Packaging

Instapak Quick is a self-expanding foam that moulds around your products protecting them from any impact during transit. It uniquely adapts to the shape of your product so you can be certain that it is being properly cushioned.

The foam is in a bag that, when pressure is applied to it, is activated and expands. These bags can expand up to 27 times their original size. Instapak Quick is easy as well as fast to use for on demand packing. Additionally, there is no need for equipment.

These bespoke foam fittings are ideal for expensive or delicate items of any weight or size. The bags come in a variety of sizes for different packing requirements (it is recommended that two bags be used in packing to best support the product). With Instapak Quick, you can have full confidence that your products will be transported safely.



Code Description Product Size Pack
IN-Q-20 Instapak Quick RT Bag 20 46 x 46cm 36
IN-Q-40 Instapak Quick RT Bag 40 46 x 61cm 30
IN-Q-80 Instapak Quick RT Bag 80 54 x 68cm 24
IN-Q-100 Instapak Quick RT Bag 100 64 x 69cm 24

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