Postal Packaging

Jiffy Green Padded Bags

Jiffy Green padded bags are the eco-friendly alternative to bubble lined envelopes. Strong, robust and durable, they provide outstanding protection for your products. Jiffy Green bags are made from 90gsm kraft paper and 100% recycled paper fibre lining. This means that they are recyclable and much better for the environment than standard bubble lined bags.

With no side seams and a double glued bottom flap, these bags ensure your items are safe in transit. Additionally, the bags have a self-adhesive strip that forms a secure seal.

Internal Sizes:

  • 105 x 229mm (PB00)
  • 135 x 229mm (PB0)
  • 165 x 280mm (PB1)
  • 195 x 280mm (PB2)
  • 195 x 343mm (PB3)
  • 225 x 343mm (PB4)
  • 245 x 381mm (PB5)
  • 295 x 458mm (PB6)
  • 341 x 483mm (PB7)
  • 442 x 661mm (PB8)

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