Protective Packaging

Kraft Paper

This type of paper is used for wrapping products before transit. Our standard stock kraft paper is imitation, but we can also supply the following:

Pure Kraft Paper

The 70gsm paper comes 285m in length. The 88gsm comes 225m in length. This is high quality, durable paper for wrapping.

  • 450mm (70gsm)
  • 500mm (70gsm)
  • 600mm (70gsm)
  • 750mm (70gsm)
  • 900mm (70gsm)
  • 900mm (88gsm)
  • 1200mm (70gsm)

Waxed Kraft Paper

This pure kraft has a waxed finish for moisture resistance. It is mainly used to package greasy or oily products.

  • 900mm x 100m (55gsm)

Rust Inhibitor Paper

This paper is anti-corrosive for metal components.

  • 1000mm x 200m (50gsm)

Imitation Kraft Paper

Imitation kraft is a more cost effective alternative to pure kraft paper. We mainly stock this variety of kraft although we can supply all types. Our main stock sizes are in the table below. For any more sizes, contact us and we can find an option to suit you.

Code Description Product Size Pack
KP-600 Kraft Paper 600mm Imitation Kraft Paper Per Roll
KP-750 Kraft Paper 750mm Imitation Kraft Paper Per Roll
KP-900 Kraft Paper 900mm Imitation Kraft Paper Per Roll
KP-1150 Kraft Paper 1150mm Imitation Kraft Paper Per Roll
KP-1500 Kraft Paper 1500mm Imitation Kraft Paper Per Roll

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