Pack-Much-More Tape

The Pack-Much-More tape is unique to Cotswold Packaging Group. It was produced due to a gap in the market for a high quality tape with a longer length. The length of 132m means that the rolls of tape lasts longer and minimises the amount of roll changes. Also the adhesive on the Pack-Much-More tape has a high level of adhesion which means that the tape sticks without effort and doesn’t peel off the carton or product. The tape has been used successfully for many years in many different industries as it is able to perform in extreme environments whether hot or cold.

We can also custom print the Pack-Much-More tape with your own logo and message.

The process is quick and easy:

Step 1:  Inform us of what is wanted on the tape.

Step 2:  Provide a pdf or jpeg of your logo.

Step 3:  We provide the artwork of the proposed print.

Step 4:  Based on your approval the artwork is signed off.

Step 5:  The tape is printed.

Code Description Product Size Pack
CLEAR-1 Pack-Much-More Tape 48mm x 132m Pack-Much-More Clear Tape 36
BUFF-1 Pack-Much-More Tape 48mm x 132m Pack-Much-More Buff Tape 36
FRAGILE-1 Pack-Much-More Tape 48mm x 132m Pack-Much-More Fragile Tape 36
TD-1 Pack-Much-More Tape Pack-Much-More Tape Dispenser Each

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