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Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

We supply a full range of pallet wrap machines. The range starts with a low cost machine up to a highly sophisticated machines that are highly efficient. The model chosen will depend on the amount of pallets being wrapped and also the budget that the customer has to spend.

The low cost machines are core break which means that they have a brake on the carriage which slow down the film coming off the roll and so stretches the film onto the pallet. This is a good step up from hand wrapping pallets as it is more cost effective and also the goods on the pallet are more secure as the film is wrapped tighter. Depending on the machine setting we would expect that for every metre of film used it will be stretch up to 2 metres.

The more sophisticated machine pre stretches the film as it goes through rollers so that the film is stretched to it’s maximum. The final roller on the machine lays the film onto the pallet so the film is tight on the pallet. We would recommend this machine for 10 pallets a day and upwards as the extra cost of the machine is easily covered by the film savings. Depending on the set up of the machine for every metre of film coming off the roll it is stretch up to 4 metres which offers an excellent saving over the core brake machine.


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