Shrink Film

Shrink wrap is a special type of film that shrinks when heat is applied using a shrink tunnel or chamber. The film is normally centre folded ( ie: 800mm folded in half to create a 400mm roll ) so that the product can be put between the two layers of film. The open sides are sealed. Then the product is put into the tunnel or chamber so that the film shrinks around it. Shrink Film is ideal if two products are being despatched together or if the goods need to have more protection.

Shrink wrap is usually available in two types of film either PVC or Polyolefin. There is a variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on the size of the product.

Occasionally shrink film can be manufactured using LDPE (polythene) but this tends to a bespoke specification. It is produced to the customer’s requirements. Please call for a quotation.

Code Description Product Size Pack
S/FILM-250 PVC/Polyelyfin Shrink Wrap 250/500mm Shrink Film Per Roll
S/FILM-300 PVC/Polyelyfin Shrink Wrap 300/600mm Shrink Film Per Roll
S/FILM-350 PVC/Polyelyfin Shrink Wrap 350/700mm Shrink Film Per Roll
S/FILM-400 PVC/Polyelyfin Shrink Wrap 400/800mm Shrink Film Per Roll
S/FILM-450 PVC/Polyelyfin Shrink Wrap 450/900mm Shrink Film Per Roll
S/FILM-500 PVC/Polyelyfin Shrink Wrap 500/1000mm Shrink Film Per Roll

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