Specialist Tape

We can supply the following tapes in various widths and grades:

Coloured Tape

We stock a variety of colours of packaging tape including red, green, blue, white etc. The tape is normally available in a 48mm x 66m in either a PP or vinyl grade tape.

Floor Marking Tape

This tape is specifically designed to adhere to floors. Therefore, it is an extra thick material along with a very aggressive adhesive so that it will remain stuck to the floor and be hard wearing. It is available in various colours including two colour hazard markings ( ie red/white, green white etc )

Crossweave Tape

This particular tape is used for very heavy applications as it has fibres imbedded in the film which makes it very difficult to tear. It also has a very aggressive adhesive. The crossweave tape can be used for bundling products together or sealing boxes with heavy products inside.


This is normally either in a black or silver colour and is normally referred to as Gaffa tape. It is available in a number of different sizes and can be used in many heavy duty applications.

Paper Gummed Tape

Gummed paper tape is 100% recyclable and is perfect for sealing cartons. The paper tape adhesive has to be dispensed with a tape machine that has a water tray. The tape will go through the water which will moisten the adhesive and then can be applied to the carton. Additionally, the gummed paper tape is available in a number of widths including 48mm & 70mm. For extra strength there is a paper tape with fibres imbedded in the paper.

Foam Tapes

Foam tapes can be single or double sided. It can used for various applications including sealing or mounting products.

Double Sided Tapes

There are many different types of double sided tapes that have a variety of adhesives and carriers ( ie tissue or PP ) for different applications. Double sided tapes are used extensively in the printing industry, box industry and many others. Please call to discuss your application so that we can recommend the correct double sided tape to suit you.


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