Packaging Machinery

Strapping Machine

There are two styles of strapping machine depending on the volume of products that are being strapped.

Semi Automatic Machine

The semi automatic machines are designed for lower volume of products. The strap is manually put over the product or box and then fed into the machine’s slot. The machine then takes over and tightens the strap, cuts it and feeds out another length. The process is then repeated. The strapping widths are normally between 9mm – 12mm.


Automatic machine

The fully automatic machines are designed for strapping a large output of products. The product is put into/under the arch and, when the machine is activated, the strap is automatically pulled around the product or box. The machine tightens and cuts the strap and feeds a new strap around the arch. There are a few ways to activate the machine. 1) A button on the top of the machine that is manually pushed. 2) A foot pedal that is depressed to activate the machine. 3) A ball switch that is under the arch so that when the product is rolled over the ball the machine is automatically activated. The strapping widths can be between 5mm- 12mm.

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