Strapping Tools

There are different hand strapping tools depending on the type of strap being used and also the application.


The most basic form of hand tools is the tensioner for tightening the strapping. Then a sealer is used for closing a metal seal to hold the strap together. These tools are cost effective and are very versatile for different applications and, as a result, are the most commonly used tools. The widths of strap that can be used with these tools are 12mm and 16mm. They can also be used from the light weight strap to the heavy duty strapping.

Also available are combination tools that combine the tensioner and sealer into one tool. These tools tend to be heavy at the base so can only be used on flat surfaces which restricts the applications it can be used for. In addition, the combination tools are only designed for light duty strapping.


There are three different types of tools that can be used with polyester strapping. First, a tensioner and special sealer can be used which is similar to the polypropylene strapping. However, the tooling is heavier duty. Second, a sophisticated combination tool that was designed for polyester strapping that is very versatile. It can be used vertically as well as horizontally. Lastly, a friction weld hand strapping tool which can tension, seal and cut in one quick operation. The tool chosen will depend on the application but also on the budget of the customer.


The tools for steel strapping are understandably very heavy duty. They still follow the principles of the polypropylene and polyester strapping tools. A tensioner and sealer are basic tools but still very effective. In addition, there are combination tools and also pneumatic tools available that are used in heavy duty applications. Some tools also have the ability to seal the steel strap together without using a metal seal.


Strapping Tensioner Strapping Sealer

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We also have a full range of semi and fully automatic strapping machines.

Code Description Product Size Pack
12-SEALER Strapping Tools 12mm Sealer Each
TEN Strapping Tools Strapping Tensioner Each
TD-P/REEL Strapping Tools Trolley Dispenser for Strapping Each

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