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QuikWrap Nano

The SEALED AIR® brand QuikWrap Nano, a compact and user-friendly paper wrapping dispenser designed for both retail stores and e-commerce shipping applications. The QuikWrap Nano features a small size and easy operation, making it suitable for various businesses.

Similar to the QuikWrap M, the QuikWrap Nano utilizes honeycomb paper and customizable interleaf tissue paper to wrap products. The honeycomb paper provides light protection to the items, ensuring their safety during transit, while the interleaf tissue paper enhances the unboxing experience for consumers, making it more pleasant and enjoyable.

One notable feature of the QuikWrap Nano is its eco-friendly design. Once the paper is depleted, the entire dispenser box can be recycled in mixed paper collection streams. This emphasizes the commitment to sustainability, allowing businesses to not only efficiently wrap their products but also contribute to environmental conservation by recycling the dispenser box.