Brown & Clear Tape

This is the standard packaging brown & clear tape that we are all familiar with. There are a number of grades with the packaging tape which are acrylic, low noise acrylic, low noise solvent and vinyl. Some of the tapes are noisy when they come off the roll but others are produced so that they are silent when used. The type of tape that should be used depends on whether the environment of the office or warehouse is hot or cold etc.

Packaging tape is very versatile and can be used for cartons, closing poly bags and many other applications. The width of the packaging tape starts at 9mm and can be as wide as 75mm. All sizes and grades are held in stock.

Code Description Product Size Pack
CODE-A Hand Tape 25mm x 66m Clear Tape 72
CODE-C Hand Tape 48mm x 66m Clear Tape 36
CODE-N Hand Tape 48mm x 66m Clear Noiseless Tape 36
CODE-O Hand Tape 48mm x 66m Brown Noiseless Tape 36
CODE-R Hand Tape 48mm x 66m High Quality Brown Tape 36
CODE-QC Hand Tape 48mm x 66m High Quality Clear Tape 36
CODE-P-C-HM Hand Tape 75mm x 66m Clear Tape 24
CODE-P-B Hand Tape 75mm x 66m Buff Tape 24

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