Double Sided Tape

There are many different types of double sided tapes that have a variety of adhesives and carriers (i.e tissue or PP) for different applications. Double sided tapes are used extensively in the printing industry, box industry and many others. Please call to discuss your application. Then we can quote on the correct double sided tape to suit you.

Code Description Product Size Pack
DST-12/18 Fingerlift Double Sided Tape 12/18mm x 50m Each
DST-12 Double Sided Tape 12mm x 50m Each
DST-19 Double Sided Tape 19mm x 50m Each
DST-25 Double Sided Tape 25mm x 50m Each
DST-38 Double Sided Tape 38mm x 50m Each
DST-50 Double Sided Tape 50mm x 50m Each
DST-75 Double Sided Tape 75mm x 50m Each

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