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Fire Retardant Film

Fire retardant film is used in various industries when safety requirements direct that low flammable materials be used. For example, the film may be used as flooring to reduce the risk of fire. The coatings on the films provide them with fire retardant properties. All the fire retardant film we supply has passed the BS 5867:2008 Part 2 A+B test.

The most popular film we supply is PX1000UV/FR. This polyester film is coated with tough and flexible laminate of polyvinyl chloride. It is also UV stabilised thus preventing damage from ultraviolet light. Additionally, it is available in four colours – blue, grey, white and translucent.

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Code Description Product Size Pack
PX1000UV/FR Fire Retardant Film 1500mm x 50m Each
Fire Retardant Film

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