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Korrvu Suspension Packaging

Korrvu Suspension Packaging 

Korrvu suspension packaging suspends fragile products away from impact. Two layers of highly resilient low slip foam protect the product in the air space of the shipping container. 

It is an ideal solution for the following markets:

  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • E-Commerce
  • Transportation

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Korrvu Select Range

Our select range is very adaptable because of the 30 sizes and styles to choose from. We can find the right solution for the product you are packing. Additionally, there is no minimum order quantity, no set up fees or extra equipment required. From phones and tablets to monitor screens and dinner plates, the  select range can find the right packaging for you.

Furthermore, we can also supply bespoke designs of suspended packaging to protect your product.


Korrvu Retention

Korrvu Retention is an effective way to protect and brace your product. It’s transparent retention film allows you to showcase your product while keeping it secure.

Retention film traps the product to corrugated board keeping it safe during transit.
Retention frame provides cushioning for heavy and fragile objects.
Re-useable to avoid waste.

Cost-effective and versatile, the Retention range is an excellent way to package your products.

19”x 17”x 5”
12”x 10”x 5”
11”x 8”x 2”
7”x 5”x 2.5”

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Korrvu Lok

Korrvu Lok’s unique patented design perfectly balances function with high quality presentation. The low-slip film secures your product to a strong corrugated backing that guarantees safe transportation.

Easy to open and easy to re-use for returns, the Lok range ensures a good customer experience.
Eliminates the need for excessive packing material.
Simple pop-and-lock design reduces operator error and increases productivity.
Customer printing options to enhance branding.

Please contact us to explore options to suit you.


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