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Labels come in a number of different formats depending on what is being printed and the printer being used. So that we can quote for the correct product, the size of the label, size of cardboard core and outside diameter of the roll needs to be specified.

Thermal transfer labels

Thermal transfer labels are normally used in despatch areas to print delivery addresses or barcodes etc…. using Zebra or similar printers. To print thermal transfer labels a ribbon is required. The printer generates a small amount of heat so that the print head transfers the print through the ribbon onto the label. There are a number of standard sizes but bespoke sizes can be produced.

Direct thermal labels

Direct thermal labels are also used in despatch areas using similar printers as the thermal transfer labels. The main advantage of this variety is that no printer ribbon is required. The paper is heat sensitive so when the printer generates a small amount of heat to the print head this is transferred to the label. Finally, the barcode or address is printed onto the label. As well as standard sizes, we can supply bespoke sizes to your specification.

A4 laser labels

A4 laser labels are a common format for label printing and are usually used in the office environment. Even though the overall size of the A4 sheet is always the same, the amount on that A4 sheet can vary. The amount on the sheet can be anywhere from 1 to view, up to as many as 64 to view. The size of a label will be determined on what is being printed.

Transit labels

Transit labels are pre-printed and always carry a message. For example, the messages that are frequently used are ‘Fragile’, ‘Handle with Care’ or ‘This way Up’. They are put onto cartons that are being shipped out and the suppliers want to ensure that their product arrives in good condition.

All labels can be printed to our customer’s requirements. If you would like your logo or a special message to be printed on a label please ask for a quotation.

Code Description Product Size Pack
LBLS-38 Thermal Transfer 38mm x 25mm Label white Roll
LBLS-50 Thermal Transfer 50mm x 25mm Label white Roll
LBLS-76 Thermal Transfer 76mm x 50mm Label white Roll
LBLS-101x50 Thermal Transfer 101mm x 50mm Label white Roll
LBLS-101x76 Thermal Transfer 101mm x 76mm Label white Roll
LBLS-101x101 Thermal Transfer 101mm x 101mm Label white Roll
LBLS-101x152 Thermal Transfer 101mm x 152mm Label white Roll
LBLS-38D Direct Thermal 38mm x 25mm Direct thermal label white Roll
LBLS-50D Direct Thermal 50mm x 38mm Direct thermal label white Roll
LBLS-101D Direct Thermal 101mm x 152mm Direct thermal label white Roll
A4-LBLS-1 A4 Laser Labels A4 Laser labels 1 to view 500 sheets/Box
A4-LBLS-2 A4 Laser Labels A4 Laser labels 2 to view 500 sheets/Box
A4-LBLS-3 A4 Laser Labels A4 Laser labels 3 to view 500 sheets/Box
A4-LBLS-4 A4 Laser Labels A4 Laser labels 4 to view 500 sheets/Box
A4-LBLS-8 A4 Laser Labels A4 Laser labels 8 to view 500 sheets/Box
A4-LBLS-18 A4 Laser Labels A4 Laser labels 18 to view 500 sheets/Box
A4-LBLS-24 A4 Laser Labels A4 laser labels 24 to view 500 sheets/Box
L-FRAGILE Transit Labels Fragile label (Various sizes available) Roll
L-HANDLE Transit Labels Handle with care label (Various sizes available) Roll
L-GLASS Transit Labels Glass handle with care label (Various sizes available) Roll
L-DONOT Transit Labels Do not stack label (Various sizes available) Roll
L-THISWAY Transit Labels This way up label (Various sizes available) Roll
L-URGENT Transit Labels Urgent label (Various sizes available) Roll

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