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Paper Insulation Packaging

This new environmental packaging solution is sweeping the food industry. Paper insulation packaging is the eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene boxes. At Cotswold, we supply the Sealed Air TempGuard liners. These are easy to use and have great insulating capabilities.

Made from heavy duty kraft paper, the liner protects the goods and can maintain temperatures for 24 – 48 hours. This is ideal for 1 or 2 day shipping. TempGuard ensures that perishable goods remain fresh on arrival. Additionally, the paper insulation packaging is flexible so it can adapt to different products and box sizes.

These kraft paper liners are 100% recyclable.Paper Insulated Liner

Code Description Product Size Pack
TG-200 TempGuard Thermal Liner 240 x 650mm (Fits 200mm cube / 8" cube) 1768
TG-250 TempGuard Thermal Liner 290 x 800mm (Fits 250mm cube / 10" cube) 1056
TG-300 TempGuard Thermal Liner 340 x 950mm (Fits 300mm cube / 12" cube) 704
TG-350 TempGuard Thermal Liner 390 x 1100mm (Fits 350mm cube / 14" cube) 480
TG-400 TempGuard Thermal Liner 445 x 1260mm (Fits 400mm cube / 16" cube) 360
TG-UNI TempGuard Universal Freeze/Thaw Pad 305 x 305mm 1728
Paper Insulation Packaging

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