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PaperJet Paper Cushion System

PaperJet® is a rapid packaging system for producing robust paper cushion pads. It produces large quantities of 100% recycled paper cushioning so it is designed for more demanding requirements.

The PaperJet® machine allows you to produce sturdy cushions directly in the carton or as a reserve supply. Paper cushioning allows you to ship delicate and fragile goods safely.

Additionally, one of the major advantages of this system is the length and quantity programming. This allows you to tailor the paper cushion to your exact requirements; from the length of each one to the amount you need at a time. Thus making it a particularly attractive solution for businesses with regular shipping needs.

This automatic solution is fast, easy to use and, above all, environmentally friendly.

If you would like a demonstration of this machine or would just like to know more, contact our sales team. We are always trying to encourage more sustainable packaging solutions.


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