Postal Packaging

Postal Tubes

Postal tubes are made from heavy paper that is wound on a mandrel a number of times which builds up the layers of paper to form a tube. The tubes come in a number of standard diameters and lengths that we have in stock. However, bespoke sizes can be easily produced to fit the product that is being shipped. For safe shipping plastic, end caps are provided to insert into both ends of the tube.

Code Description Product Size Pack
PT-50-330 Postal Tubes 50mm x 330mm with end caps (A3 size) 25/Box
PT-50-450 Postal Tubes 50mm x 450mm with end caps (A2 Size) 25/Box
PT-50-625 Postal Tubes 50mm x 625mm with end caps (A1 Size) 25/Box
PT-50-762 Postal Tubes 50mm x 762mm with end caps 10/Box
PT-50-940 Postal Tubes 50mm x 940mm with end caps 10/Box
PT-76-305 Postal Tubes 76mm x 305mm with end caps 12/Box
PT-76-450 Postal Tubes 76mm x 450mm with end caps 12/Box
PT-76-610 Postal Tubes 76mm x 610mm with end caps 12/Box
PT-76-760 Postal Tubes 76mm x 760mm with end caps 12/Box
PT-76-940 Postal Tubes 76mm x 940mm with end caps 12/Box

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