Protective Packaging

Pulp Moulded Packaging

Pulp moulded packaging is made from paper and water; it is 100% recyclable and compostable. Pulp packaging is made from recycled materials that form a slurry which is then moulded and dried. Your products will then slot firmly in to the moulds to be protected when in transit.

Moulded pulp is an eco-friendly packaging solution for a variety of applications;

  • Edge protectors (18mm – 110mm)
  • Cup carriers
  • Multi-purpose bowls
  • Horticulture trays

We can also create bespoke solutions to suit your products. Your products will fit snug in the moulds to ensure it doesn’t move in storage or transit.

Moulded Packaging

Pulp moulded packaging

Moulded Packaging

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