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Bespoke Printing


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Bespoke Sizes


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Corrugated Boxes

Bespoke Die Cut Boxes

You can choose from the wide variety of FEFCO boxes and choose your own dimensions. Additionally, these bespoke boxes can be printed with your company’s logo or other information.

Die cut boxes actually save money. Minimising waste from void filling and shipping, these boxes are a cost effective way to package your products.

Did you know...
We can design and print your company details and logo on a box of your specification.


Flexographic Printing

This printing involves a flexible plate that rotates to effectively stamp the print on to the boxes. There is also an option to have HQPP (High Quality Post Print) or pre-print to enable more colours.


Lithographic Printing

This is a very versatile method of high quality printing. More colours are available as well as a variety of print finishes to produce exceptional presentation boxes.


Digital Printing

This involves your artwork being sent to the printer through a digital file. Then it is printed directly onto the surface of your product. It is ideal for smaller quantities with high amounts of detail.

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