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Various Sizes


Product CodeDescriptionProduct SizeUnits per PackQTY (By Pack Size)Price Per UnitAdd To Cart
BF-5/15Blue Foam Edge Protectors 2m5mm - 15mm U Profile280
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BF-15/25Blue Foam Edge Protectors 2m15mm - 25mm U Profile160
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BF-25/35Blue Foam Edge Protectors 2m25mm - 35mm U Profile120
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BF-35/45Blue Foam Edge Protectors 2m35mm - 45mm U Profile90
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BF-45/60Blue Foam Edge Protectors 2m45mm - 60mm U Profile50
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BF-50/50Blue Foam Edge Protectors 2m50mm - 50mm L Profile240
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BF-75/75Blue Foam Edge Protectors 2m75mm - 75mm L Profile105
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Protective Packaging

Blue Foam Edge Protectors

Our blue foam absorbs impact and provides heavy duty protection. The foam edges come in 2 metre lengths for easy use and application. They are available in L, U, O and tulip shaped profiles.

Additionally, these edge protectors are available in screen guard which is an ideal way to protect glass on its edges.

Ribbed Corner – 90mm

Pulp Corners

Pulp corners are an effective way to protect your products and they are made from 100% recycled content. These are simply made from waste paper and water. Then the pulp can be moulded into almost any shape. Pulp packaging is a great sustainable solution.

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