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Packaging Machinery

NewAir IB Flex Machine

NewAir IB is an extremely robust and strong material ideal for packing valuable goods and void-filling. The New Air IB is a material similar to bubble wrap but is more resilient.

The Flex machine inflates the NewAir IB film. There is a choice of different films and pouches depending on your requirements.

  • Inflates up to 90 linear feet – 30m per minute.
  • Ready to use in 10 minutes; fully assembled, plug and use.
newair ib

NewAir IB Materials

The NewAir IB films get inflated on the Flex machine. There are two widths at 400mm and 800mm and in 4 different varieties; small, medium, large and extra large. For cushion-like padding, there is NewAir IB Quilt and for bags there is NewAir IB Pouch. There is a solution for almost any requirement.

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