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100% Recyclable


Various Sizes


Product CodeDescriptionProduct SizeUnits per PackQTY (By Pack Size)Price Per UnitAdd To Cart
NA-IB-400SNewair Ib Small400mm x 1006mper-roll
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NA-IB-400MNewair Ib Medium400mm x 458m (For Nano)per-roll
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NA-IB-400Newair Ib Medium400mm x 1006mper-roll
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NA-IB-400LNewair Ib Large400mm x 610mper-roll
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NA-IB-400XLNewair Ib Extra Large400mm x 579mper-roll
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NA-IB-800MNewair Ib Medium800mm x 1006mper-roll
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NA-IB-800LNewair Ib Large800mm x 610mper-roll
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Protective Packaging

NewAir IB

The NewAir IB is a brilliant protective air-cellular solution that is inflated on demand. It comes flat on a roll and is inflated using the NewAir IB Flex machine. It creates less waste and adds 30%+ more protection than bubble wrap of the same size.

We supply different sizes of NewAir IB so there is a solution that will work for you. We also supply the Quilt and Pouch varieties.

SealedAir_2016_NewAir IB Quilt_Original_5898_Internet_6735

NewAir IB Quilt

This quilt material is an excellent inflatable void-fill solution. It comes on a roll to be inflated on demand and is perforated for easy use. This material, when inflated, creates cushion-like air pockets to protect your products.

Sealed Air BWIB Pouch_05.04.177482C1_Original_6042_Internet_6890

NewAir IB Pouch

Designed to work on the NewAir IB Flex and NewAir IB Express packaging systems, the NewAir IB Pouch is an on-demand bubble bag.

Flex 3_Print_7213

NewAir IB Flex

This is the machine that runs it all! The NewAir IB Flex inflates the standard material as well as quilt and pouch.

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