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100% Biodegradable

Product CodeDescriptionProduct SizeUnits per PackQTY (By Pack Size)Price Per UnitAdd To Cart
AIR-BAGSAirbags200 x 100mm 500mper-roll
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AIR-BAGS-200Airbags200 x 200mm 500mper-roll
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AIR-BAGS-QUILTAirbags Quilt400 x 270mm 260mper-roll
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Packaging Machinery

Opus Air Pillow Machine

Opus Air is an air cushioning packaging system designed to operate specifically with biodegradable films. The Opus Bio cushions are 100% biodegradable. This system is compact, easy to use and produces cushions at speeds up to 17 metres per minute.

We supply the following air pillow sizes:

  • 200mm x 100mm x 500m
  • 200mm x 200mm x 500m
  • 400mm x 50mm x 325m
  • 400mm x 270mm x 260m Protech Quilt 16 Cell

The Protech Quilt is now our most popular Opus product. It is perfect for wrapping and protection of products, as well as void-filling.


Packing Speed

The Opus machine will decrease time it takes to pack a box. It produces cushions at speeds up to 17 metres per minute. This will make packing quick and easy.

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