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100% Recycled Paper

Product CodeDescriptionProduct SizeUnits per PackQTY (By Pack Size)Price Per UnitAdd To Cart
SM-90-STDPaperjet Compackt PaperStandard 90 Compackt 390m20-packs-pallet
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SM-XS-90Paperjet Compackt PaperXS 90 Compackt 390m20-packs-pallet
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SM-STD-70-EPaperjet Endless PaperStandard 70 Endless 7600m1-pallet
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SM-STD-90-EPaperjet Endless PaperStandard 90 Endless 7600m1-pallet
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SM-XS-90-EPaperjet Endless PaperXS 90 Endless 7600m1-pallet
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Packaging Machinery

PaperJet Paper Cushion System

Innovative patented cutting technology make the PaperJet® the speediest paper padding system on the market and, consequently, particular suitable for professional consignors dealing with regular shipping volumes involving major package quantities.

PaperJet® can be easily integrated, thanks to its compact design. It saves storage space and packaging costs and is easy to operate. A variety of integration options including stand height adjustment, under table solutions or transfer systems for producing paper padding enable perfect adaptation to the desired packaging process and on-site space conditions. Loading intervals for the eco-friendly padding paper are reduced to a minimum and particularly easy, as the PaperJet® can be equipped with a continuous pallet of ComPackt® fanfold paper. The robust paper padding is ideally suitable for packaging of bulky, sharp-edged or heavy shipping goods.

The PaperJet® is used in almost every sector, including the following:

• e-commerce & mail order
• Logistics sector (central warehouses)
• Automotive industry (spare parts, tools)
• Mechanical engineering
• Electronics
• Toy industry
• and many more

Paperjet no BG

PaperJet Endless

This PaperJet frame accommodates a whole pallet of paper – 7600m of continuous paper! The Endless option is great for high quantities and stops any faff of loading new packs of paper.


PaperJet ComPackt

The ComPackt frame is ideal for tighter packing areas to save space. Or this frame works well when packing isn’t continuous. Either way, the PaperJet machine is versatile for many requirements.


PaperJet Paper

This paper is recognised for being sustainable and environmentally friendly. As well as being 100% recyclable, it is actually made from 100% recycled paper. PaperJet paper is FSC certified and has been awarded the Blue Angel (an environmental label organised by the federal government of Germany).

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