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100% Recycled Paper

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Packaging Machinery

PaperJet Winder Paper System

When used in combination with the PaperJet® paper cushioning system, the Winder can be used to make extra strong coils from eco-friendly paper that has been awarded the Blue Angel. These are particularly suitable for protecting heavy goods and can either be produced in advance or manufactured just in time during the packaging process.

Both the diameter (min. 40 to max. 80 cm) and strength of the coil can be determined in advance to optimise your packaging process and conserve resources. You can select the paper padding coil you require using a rotary switch with three settings individually configured to suit your needs.

Each coil is also fixed automatically with an equally eco-friendly paper adhesive tape. Intelligent sensors signal a pending change of paper or adhesive tape to you so that an appropriate material supply can be assured in good time in the packing station.

The Winder has an intuitive display that, through images and text, guides the user reliably and quickly through different application and maintenance steps. The Winder impresses through its high level of performance, and its compact design means that it only requires about 2 EUR pallet spaces.

In addition, you can also use the PaperJet® independently to manufacture strong paper padding for filling and padding out shipping cartons in your further shipping processes.


Packaging for the Planet

This paper is recognised for being sustainable and environmentally friendly. As well as being 100% recyclable, it is actually made from 100% recycled paper. PaperJet paper is FSC certified and has been awarded the Blue Angel (an environmental label organised by the federal government of Germany).


PaperJet Endless

This PaperJet frame accommodates a whole pallet of paper – 7600m of continuous paper! The Endless option is great for high quantities and stops any faff of loading new packs of paper.


Resilient Paper Coils

Leading the market in an automated system for winding large resilient paper coils. The Paperjet Winder winds resilient paper coils for protecting heavy shipping items. The Winder is able to produce individual diameters of 40 to 80 cm, Intelligent sensors with indicators for paper and adhesive tape ends will cut down cost and time.

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