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100% Recycled Paper

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SM-70Speedman Paper For Classic Pro Flex350mm x 450m 70Gper-roll
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Packaging Machinery

SpeedMan Classic Paper System

The SpeedMan® Classic is the practical paper dispenser in the SpeedMan® system family. It can be individually adapted to your packing station, allowing you to assume a perfect ergonomic working position and pack the filling material directly into the carton. The SpeedMan® Classic is a manual filling system. It is a power and maintenance-free solution, ruling out malfunctions in the packaging process. Operation is easy. Simply pull out the required amount of paper (a Blue Angel award winner), tear off, fill the package – and the job is done.

The filling volume achieved with the Speedman® Classic from a single roll of Speedman® paper is equivalent to approximately 70 times the original volume. This saves storage space and packaging costs. The SpeedMan® Classic can be employed to pack anything. Whether large, small, heavy, light, thick, thin or fragile – your product is securely packed with eco-friendly recycled paper.

This manual solution is maintenance freeeasy to use and, above all, environmentally friendly.


Eco Friendly Packaging

SpeedMan, produced by Papier Sprick, is an eco-friendly packaging solution. The SpeedMan Box, Classic, Pro and Flex are all paper based void fill systems. The paper used for all systems is made from 100% recycled paper. Consistent use of 100% recycled paper preserves and protects our forests and waters. When compared to virgin fibre paper production, our products save over 70% of the water, 60% of the energy and 100% of the wood required while, additionally, generating considerably lower CO2 emissions.


SpeedMan Paper

Our eco-friendly filling and padding papers are Blue Angel award winners and certified by the FSC®. They consist of 100 % recycled paper with no added virgin fibres, optical brighteners or refining agents which are harmful to health. All the Speedman machines take the same paper, making stock control easy.

Packing Table


This small paper dispensing system is compact and requires no power, installation can be done almost anywhere. Its maintenance-free design means you are ready to go, all day, every day. Disruptions are therefore completely ruled out in the packaging process. The design is intuitive and easy to operate, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Different stands make it individually adaptable to the packing station.

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