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Various Sizes


Product CodeDescriptionProduct SizeUnits per PackQTY (By Pack Size)Price Per UnitAdd To Cart
12-STDStandard Seals12mmper-2000
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12-HDHeavy Duty Seals12mmper-2000
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12-SBSheradised Buckles12mmper-1000
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16-HDHeavy Duty Seals16mmper-2000
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Strapping Clips / Buckles

As there are a number of different grades and types of strapping, each of these will need the appropriate matching clip or buckle.

  • Metal seals hold strap together.
  • Sealed using a strapping sealer or combination tool.
  • Can be used for light or heavy duty strapping.
  • Used for 12mm or 16mm strapping.
  • Standard seals or buckles for polypropylene strap.
  • Serrated seals for polyester strap.
  • Snap-on seals for steel strap.
Strapping Tools no BG

Strapping Tools

There are different hand strapping tools depending on the type of strap being used and also the application. We supply tools for polypropylene, polyester and steel strapping that are 12mm or 16mm in width.

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