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AirWave2 Air Cushion System

The AirWave2 air cushion machine creates on-demand cushions and quilts that protect your products. Efficient, fast and high quality, the AirWave2 is the most flexible and user-friendly of the AirWave machines. This effective system uses a variety of different films to inflate cushions and quilts of varying shapes and sizes to suit your application. In addition, the AirWave2’s compact design means it can even be integrated into small packing stations. The impressive performance of the AirWave2 can produce up to 22 metres of cushions/quilt per minute. This makes it a perfect choice for higher outputs.

  • Produces air pillows and quilts
  • Programmable for 5 film types
  • Output: 22 metres per minute
  • Dimensions: 413mm x 316mm x 232mm
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Chain Production: AirWave Type 7
  • Quilt Production: AirWave Type 8
  • Compatible Films: ClimaFilm-100, PaperWave, Bio, ECO, ESD, Heavy Duty, Standard, Super ECO
  • Interactive Touch Display
  • Quick start up in under 1 minute

These air cushions and quilts protect even the most fragile of items. The low maintenance, durable and fast AirWave2 will revolutionise your packing process.

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Product Details

With an ultra-fast output and interactive touch display, the AirWave2 air cushion system will transform your packing process. The AirWave2 sets the standard for air pillow production. It is compatible with a vast array of film sizes and types including ClimaFilm-100 and PaperWave. This will not only protect your products, but the planet too. Ask for a product demo today!

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