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AirWave ClimaFilm-100 Air Cushions

AirWave ClimaFilm-100 is designed to be used with AirWave machines to produce cushions and quilts. The films are available in a variety of sizes – type 7 for void-fill and type 8 for wrapping.

AirWave ClimaFilm-100 is the definition of a climate neutral film. ClimaFilm-100 is produced from 100% recycled polyethylene. Taking that further, this film is made from 82% post-consumer recycled content. These are plastics that have been used in a product before, then collected, washed and processed. Many products that claim to be recycled are made from post-industrial plastics because it is easier to process. With ClimaFilm-100, you can be assured that it is real sustainable content! This high standard of sustainability has been awarded the Blue Angel certification – the eco-label of the German federal government.


AirWave ClimaFilm-100 Air Cushions Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
AW-CLIMA100-7.1ClimaFilm-100 Air Bags210mm x 100mm x 550mRollLogin for Pricing
AW-CLIMA100-7.3ClimaFilm-100 Air Bags210mm x 200mm x 550mRollLogin for Pricing
AW-CLIMA100-8.4ClimaFilm-100 Quilt420mm x 300mm x 400mRollLogin for Pricing
AW-CLIMA100-8.3ClimaFilm-100 Air Bags420mm x 320mm x 400mRollLogin for Pricing

AirWave ClimaFilm-100 Air Cushions Accessories

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