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Paper Tape

We stock self-adhesive and gummed paper tape. Both are excellent options for sealing cartons and using in a variety of applications. Both tapes are 100% recyclable.

Self-adhesive paper tape is an eco-friendly alternative to standard plastic packing tape. Unlike gummed paper tape, this tape is ready to be applied to cartons straight away. Gummed paper tape has to be dispensed with a machine that has a water tray. This tape is available in a number of widths including 48mm & 70mm. For extra strength, there is a reinforced paper tape.

Paper Tape Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
ECO-PTEco-Self -Adhesive Paper Tape50mm x 50m36RollLogin for pricing
RWPT-70Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape70mm x 100m16RollLogin for pricing
RWPT-70-OYSTERReinforced Gummed Paper Tape70mm x 150m Oyster Colour1RollLogin for pricing
WPT-70-70Gummed Paper Tape 70mm GSI 70GSM70mm x 200m1RollLogin for pricing
WPT-70-90Gummed Paper Tape 70mm GSI 90 GSM70mm x 200m1RollLogin for pricing