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PaperJet ComPackt Frame

PaperJet® is a rapid packaging system for producing robust paper cushion pads. It produces large quantities of 100% recycled paper cushioning.

The PaperJet ComPackt Frame is the perfect solution for packing areas with limited space. Its compact design allows it to fit seamlessly into tight packing stations, optimizing the available workspace. Whether you have a small packing area or need to make the most of limited storage space, the ComPackt frame is designed to meet your needs.

Additionally, the ComPackt frame is a versatile choice for non-continuous packing operations. It provides flexibility for businesses that don’t require continuous packing and allows for efficient use of the PaperJet machine. With its adaptable nature, the ComPackt frame can be easily integrated into various packaging workflows, making it a valuable tool for different requirements and applications. Streamline your packaging process with the versatile PaperJet ComPackt Frame.