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Loosefill is a versatile and highly effective solution for void-filling and protecting items during shipping and storage.

It is an ideal way to pack out boxes and prevent fragile products from being damaged. Our loosefill options include biodegradable starch-based and robust polystyrene variants to cater to different packaging needs.

Our biodegradable loosefill is crafted from sustainable starch materials, making it an eco-friendly choice. When exposed to water, it dissolves, simplifying disposal and reducing environmental impact. This solution is perfect for customers seeking sustainable packaging alternatives.

For heavier products that demand extra cushioning, we offer polystyrene loosefill. Its superior resilience provides enhanced protection, ensuring the safety of delicate items during transit. With exceptional shock-absorbing properties, polystyrene loosefill excels in safeguarding heavier or fragile goods.

By using loosefill, you can effectively fill empty spaces within boxes, preventing movement and minimizing the risk of collision and damage. This reliable solution secures your products in place, reducing the potential for breakage caused by impact.

Whether you’re shipping electronics, glassware, or other delicate items, our loosefill offers outstanding cushioning and impact resistance. Rest assured that your products will arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

At Cotswold Packaging, we prioritise reliable packaging solutions tailored to your needs. Our loosefill options deliver maximum protection, giving you the confidence to ship your valuable products worry-free. Choose between our biodegradable starch-based loosefill for eco-conscious packaging or the robust polystyrene variant for heavier items. Trust Cotswold Packaging to provide the ideal solution for your packaging requirements.

Loosefill Variations

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RNLF-WHITELoosefillRenature Starch 15cu EcoFlo White Bag1BagLogin for Pricing

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