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BDCM Cartons

BDCM stands for Bulk Distribution Carton Metric. These sturdy boxes have printed text on the side of the carton. The different categories include ‘Supplier’, ‘Size’, ‘Quantity’ etc… They are available in standard sizes (BDCM1, BDCM2) as well as single and double wall options.

Internal measurements are shown for optimum fitting. They are available in single wall and double wall options. They are available in 8 standard sizes

BDCM Cartons Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
DWC-BDCM2Double Wall BDCM carton393 x 293 x 393mm1BoxLogin for pricing
SWB-BDCM2Single Wall BDCM Carton393mm x 293mm x 393mm1BoxLogin for pricing
DWC-BDCM1Double Wall BDCM Carton595 x 295 x 388mm1BoxLogin for pricing
SWB-BDCM1Single Wall BDCM Carton595mm x 295mm x 388mm1BoxLogin for pricing