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Book Wrap Mailers

Book wrap mailers come in a variety of sizes and are used for shipping books, CDs, DVDs and computer games.

Manufactured with a self-adhesive sealing strip, book wraps are easy to pack and present effectively. Also, it’s compact design with end buffers ensures your products are transported safely. Additionally, they can be printed with your company name and logo to enhance your branding.We can design book wraps to suit your business by printing your company name and logo. This will enhance your branding and improve presentation for the consumer. Why not enquire with our sales team today?

Book Wrap Mailers Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
BW-23Book Wrap Mailers236 x 158 x 59mm25PackLogin for pricing
BW-24Book Wrap Mailers245 x 165 x 70mm25PackLogin for pricing
BW-25Book Wrap Mailers250 x 186 x 60mm25PackLogin for pricing
BW-29Book Wrap Mailers298 x 232 x 50mm25PackLogin for pricing
BW-31-25Book Wrap Mailers310 x 250 x 68mm25PackLogin for pricing
BW-33Book Wrap Mailers330 x 270 x 50mm25PackLogin for pricing
BW-41Book Wrap Mailers410 x 320 x 106mm25PackLogin for pricing
BW-62Book Wrap Mailers620 x 456 x 70mm25PackLogin for pricing