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Ecoplat Plus Stretch Wrap Machine

We supply a full range of pallet wrap machines. Starting with low-cost machines, our range expands to efficient, highly sophisticated machines.

The low cost machines are core break which means that they have a brake on the carriage. This slows down the film coming off the roll and so stretches the film onto the pallet. The more sophisticated machine pre-stretches the film as it goes through rollers so that the film is stretched to it’s maximum. Then the final roller on the machine lays the film onto the pallet so it is tight. Depending on the set up of the machine, for every metre of film coming off the roll it is stretch up to 4 metres which offers an excellent saving over the core brake machine. We recommend this machine for smaller users that wrap below 20 pallets a day. Entry level machine Perfect for smaller requirements (below 20 pallets a day) Max pallet dimensions 800 x 1200mm std. / 1000 x 1200mm opt. Max height – 2400mm Turntable capacity – 2000kg