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Foam Rolls

At Cotswold Packaging, we offer a wide range of foam rolls that provide exceptional cushioning and protection for your valuable items.

Our foam rolls are versatile and suitable for various applications, including packaging, shipping, and storage.

Made from high-quality foam materials, our rolls are designed to absorb shocks, vibrations, and impacts, keeping your items safe during transit. Whether you need to wrap delicate glassware, electronics, or other fragile objects, our foam rolls provide an extra layer of protection to prevent damage.

Our foam rolls come in various thicknesses and widths to accommodate different packing needs. With options such as polyethylene and polyurethane foam, you can choose the foam density and firmness that best suits your requirements. The rolls are perforated at regular intervals, allowing for easy tear-off and customisation of the foam length to fit your items precisely.

The lightweight nature of foam rolls makes them cost-effective for shipping purposes, as they add minimal weight to your packages. Additionally, the foam is non-abrasive and non-scratching, ensuring that your items remain in pristine condition throughout the shipping and storage process.

Foam rolls are also useful for reducing noise and protecting surfaces. Whether you want to line drawers, shelves, or cabinets, our foam rolls provide a soft and cushioned surface that prevents scratches and dents. They are particularly beneficial in industrial and commercial settings where noise reduction is crucial.

With our foam rolls, you can create a secure and professional packaging solution. The foam is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and oils, providing added durability and protection for your items. It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

At Cotswold Packaging, we are committed to providing high-quality packaging solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our foam rolls offer superior protection, ease of use, and versatility, making them an ideal choice for businesses and individuals alike.

Invest in our foam rolls to ensure that your items reach their destination intact and protected. With Cotswold Packaging, you can trust in reliable packaging solutions that prioritise the safety and security of your goods.

Foam Rolls Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
B-CA-1500-3001mm Foam1 x 1500mm 300m1PackLogin for Pricing
B-CA-1000-2.52.5mm Foam1 x 1000mm 120m1PackLogin for Pricing
B-CA-750-1.51.5mm Foam2 x 750mm 200m1PackLogin for Pricing
B-CA-750-44mm Foam2 x 750mm 75m1PackLogin for Pricing
B-CA-5001mm Foam3 x 500mm 300m1PackLogin for Pricing