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Foam Rolls

Foam rolls are light weight, non-abrasive and ideally suited for surface protection.

We supply any size and thickness required from 1mm – 4mm. Foam rolls provide excellent surface protection and is ideally suited for awkwardly shaped items.

Foam Rolls Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
B-CA-1500-3001mm Foam1 x 1500mm 300mm1PackLogin for pricing
B-CA-1000-2.52.5mm Foam1 x 1000mm 120m1PackLogin for pricing
B-CA-750-1.51.5mm Foam2 x 750mm 200mm1PackLogin for pricing
B-CA-750-44mm Foam2 x 750mm 75m1PackLogin for pricing
B-CA-5001mm Foam3 x 500mm 300m1PackLogin for pricing