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Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser

Tape dispensers are essential tools for efficient and hassle-free tape application.

At Cotswold Packaging, we offer a range of tape dispensers designed to simplify your packaging process.

With our tape dispensers, you can easily dispense your tape in a controlled and convenient manner. We stock various dispenser models that are compatible with both 50mm and 75mm tapes, ensuring compatibility with your preferred tape size. Additionally, we provide options for different core sizes, allowing you to choose the dispenser that best suits your needs.

When it comes to heavy-duty tape dispensing, our heavy-duty tape dispenser is the perfect choice. This robust and resilient tape gun is specifically designed to handle demanding applications. It provides enhanced durability, meaning you won’t have to replace the gun as frequently compared to standard tape dispensers. This ensures long-lasting performance and cost savings in the long run.

The heavy-duty tape dispenser is available for both 50mm and 75mm tapes on a 3-inch core. This versatile design allows you to use a wide range of tapes with different widths and core sizes, providing flexibility in your packaging operations.

Using our heavy-duty tape dispenser is effortless and efficient. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, reducing strain and fatigue during extended use. The smooth and consistent tape application helps improve productivity and ensures secure and reliable seals on your packages.

Whether you’re working in a warehouse, shipping department, or any packaging-intensive environment, our heavy-duty tape dispenser is a reliable tool that will streamline your operations. Its sturdy construction and reliable tape dispensing capabilities make it a valuable asset in any packaging setup.

Choose Cotswold Packaging for high-quality tape dispensers that meet your specific requirements. Experience the convenience, durability, and efficiency of our heavy-duty tape dispenser and take your packaging process to the next level. Simplify tape application and enjoy seamless packaging operations with our reliable and user-friendly tape dispensers.

Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
TD-50-PPremium Tape Dispenser50mm x 3in Core1UnitLogin for Pricing
TD-75Premium Tape Dispenser75mm x 3in Core1UnitLogin for Pricing