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Masterplat Plus Stretch Wrap Machine

Introducing the Masterplat Plus Stretch Wrap Machine, a cutting-edge solution for efficient and reliable pallet wrapping.

Our comprehensive range of pallet wrap machines caters to diverse needs, starting from cost-effective options and expanding to highly sophisticated models. The core break machines are equipped with a carriage brake, which regulates the film’s release, allowing it to stretch and tightly secure the load on the pallet. For maximum stretching capabilities, our advanced machines employ a pre-stretch mechanism that elongates the film as it passes through rollers, achieving remarkable stretch ratios. With every meter of film, it can stretch up to four meters, delivering exceptional cost savings compared to core break machines.

The Masterplat Plus represents a significant leap forward from the Ecoplat model, specifically designed for regular users who wrap over 20 pallets per day. This advanced machine offers seamless and expedient film loading, with six programmable settings to accommodate various wrapping requirements. It excels in pallet stabilisation, ensuring that your loads are tightly secured during transit or storage.

This state-of-the-art machine features easy and quick film loading capabilities, allowing for uninterrupted operations and increased efficiency. With its advanced technology and precise control, you can customise and optimise the wrapping process to suit your specific needs. The Masterplat Plus boasts a generous maximum pallet size of 1000 x 1200 as standard or 1200 x 1200 as an optional configuration, while the height capacity ranges from 2200mm as standard to 2400mm, 2800mm, or 3100mm as optional upgrades. Additionally, the turntable has a robust capacity of 2000kg, ensuring the secure handling of heavy loads.

Upgrade your pallet wrapping process with the Masterplat Plus Stretch Wrap Machine and experience enhanced performance, efficiency, and cost savings. With its advanced features, including easy film loading, programmable settings, superior pallet stabilisation, and the ability to stretch film to its maximum potential, this machine is the ultimate solution for high-volume pallet wrapping. Elevate your packaging operations and enjoy the benefits of streamlined efficiency and optimised load protection with the Masterplat Plus.

Masterplat Plus Stretch Wrap Machine Accessories