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NewAir IB Pouch

The NewAir IB Pouch is a versatile and efficient solution for inflatable void-fill packaging.

Made from quilt material, it offers superior protection for your products. The pouches come flat on a roll, ready to be inflated on demand using the NewAir IB Flex machine.

This quilt material is designed to provide excellent cushioning and impact resistance. It features a unique air-cellular construction that creates protective pockets of air when inflated. These air pockets act as a buffer, absorbing shocks and preventing damage to your items during transit or storage.

With the NewAir IB Pouch, you have full control over the inflation process. Simply load the pouch onto the NewAir IB Flex machine and adjust the settings to achieve the desired level of cushioning. The machine inflates the pouch with precision, ensuring consistent and reliable protection for your products.

The perforated design of the quilt material allows for easy tearing, making it convenient to use and customise the length of each pouch. This saves time and effort, streamlining your packaging operations.

By using the NewAir IB Pouch, you can optimise your packaging process and reduce material waste. The on-demand inflation feature eliminates the need for excessive packaging materials, minimising costs and environmental impact.

Whether you’re shipping fragile electronics, glassware, or other delicate items, the NewAir IB Pouch offers a robust and reliable solution. It provides peace of mind knowing that your products are well-protected throughout their journey.

Upgrade your packaging strategy with the NewAir IB Pouch and experience the benefits of efficient, customisable, and eco-friendly inflatable void-fill packaging. Trust in the reliability and performance of this innovative solution to safeguard your valuable goods.