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Static Shielding Bags

Static Shielding Bags provide reliable protection for sensitive electronics by acting as an effective Faraday cage.

These bags are specifically designed to shield electronic components from static electricity, preventing potential damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Available in a variety of sizes, Static Shielding Bags cater to various packaging needs, accommodating small components to larger electronic devices. They also offer flexibility in terms of closure options, with both open and re-closeable designs available to ensure convenient access while maintaining a secure seal.

To further emphasize their ESD-safe properties, all Static Shielding Bags are printed with the ESD symbol as a standard feature. This clear identification serves as a visual reminder of the bags’ purpose and ensures proper handling and storage of sensitive electronic items.

Whether it’s for storage, transportation, or shipping, Static Shielding Bags provide a dependable solution for protecting electronic components from harmful static electricity. By creating a barrier against electrostatic discharge, these bags offer peace of mind and safeguard the integrity and functionality of sensitive electronic devices.