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StraPack SQ-800 Strapping Machine

We supply semi-automatic and automatic machines depending on the volume of products being strapped.

The fully automatic machines are designed for strapping a large output of products. The product is put into/under the arch and, when the machine is activated, the strap is automatically pulled around the product or box. The machine tightens and cuts the strap and feeds a new strap around the arch. Up to 54 straps per minute (even with full tension applied: tension capability up to 450N (45.9kgf) Runs strap from 5mm – 15.5mm Ready to operate in under 25 seconds Simple controls and foot bar for faster, two-handed operation Adjustable Table Height, 8 positions Brushless DC Motors = Less Moving Parts, Less Noise, Less Strap Dust and 20% more efficient than AC Motors Self-correcting technology in the unlikely event of a short feed Easy strap loading and automatic re-feed W 1254 mm x D 609mm x H 1403-1508 mm Weight: 146kg Min Pack Size: W 80mm x H 30mm