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StraPack SQ-800 Strapping Machine

The StraPack SQ-800 Strapping Machine is a fully automatic solution designed to streamline your packaging process for high-output production.

With this machine, placing your product into or under the arch triggers the automatic pulling of the strap around the item or box. The machine tightens and cuts the strap, immediately feeding a new one around the arch.

This strapping machine offers impressive performance, capable of achieving up to 54 straps per minute, even with full tension applied. Its tension capability reaches up to 450N (45.9kgf), ensuring a secure and tight hold on your packages. The machine accommodates strap widths ranging from 5mm to 15.5mm, providing flexibility for various packaging requirements.

Operating the SQ-800 is straightforward, with simple controls and a foot bar for efficient two-handed operation. It boasts an adjustable table height with eight positions, allowing you to adapt to different package sizes. The machine is equipped with brushless DC motors, resulting in fewer moving parts, reduced noise, less strap dust, and 20% higher efficiency compared to AC motors.

In the unlikely event of a short feed, the SQ-800 features self-correcting technology, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The machine also offers easy strap loading and automatic re-feed functionality, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

With dimensions of W 1254mm x D 609mm x H 1403-1508mm and weighing 146kg, the SQ-800 is a robust and sturdy machine built to withstand demanding packaging environments. It can handle a minimum pack size of W 80mm x H 30mm, making it suitable for a wide range of product dimensions.

Invest in the StraPack SQ-800 Strapping Machine to enhance your packaging efficiency and productivity. Its reliable performance, user-friendly controls, and versatile features make it an excellent choice for high-output production needs.

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