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Strapping Clips / Buckles

Cotswold Packaging offers a comprehensive range of Strapping Clips/Buckles designed to meet the diverse needs of different strapping materials.

Whether you’re working with polypropylene, polyester, or steel strapping, we have the appropriate matching clip or buckle for your specific requirements.

Strapping Clips/Buckles play a crucial role in securely holding the strapping together, ensuring the integrity of your packages during transit. Metal seals are commonly used to create a strong and reliable connection between the strapping ends. These seals can be easily applied using a strapping sealer or combination tool, providing a secure and tamper-proof closure.

Our Strapping Clips/Buckles are suitable for both light and heavy-duty strapping applications. They are compatible with 12mm or 16mm strapping widths, offering versatility and adaptability to various packaging scenarios.

For polypropylene strap, we provide standard seals or buckles that offer reliable and efficient closure. Polyester strap, on the other hand, benefits from serrated seals that provide enhanced grip and stability. For steel strap, we offer snap-on seals that ensure a strong and secure connection, even for heavy-duty applications.

Cotswold Packaging understands the importance of using the right strapping clips or buckles to complement your specific strapping materials. Trust in our reliable and durable solutions to ensure optimal performance and peace of mind when securing your packages.

Choose Cotswold Packaging for high-quality Strapping Clips/Buckles that meet the diverse needs of different strapping materials. Elevate the security of your shipments with our trusted solutions.

Strapping Clips / Buckles Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
12-STDStandard Seals12mm2000PackLogin for Pricing
12-HDHeavy Duty Seal12mm2000PackLogin for Pricing
12-SBSheradised Buckles12mm1000PackLogin for Pricing
16-HDHeavy Duty Seal16mm2000PackLogin for Pricing