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Blog:Make the Switch: Benefits of Water Activated/Gummed Paper Tape

Make the Switch: Benefits of Water Activated/Gummed Paper TapeIn a world increasingly concerned about environmental impact, every choice we make matters. This holds especially true in the realm of packaging. Conventional plastic packing tape might seem like a minor detail, but its cumulative effect on the environment is substantial. This is where water-activated paper tape steps in, offering a sustainable alternative that benefits both businesses and the planet. In this article, we dive into the advantages of water-activated paper tape and explore the different machines available.

Advantages of Gummed Paper Tape 

Below are a few advantages of gummed paper tape:

1. Environmentally-Friendly Alternative:

Gummed paper tape offers a sustainable and eco-friendly choice in contrast to plastic packing tape. It is made from natural and renewable materials, contributing to a reduction in the overall environmental impact of packaging operations.

2. Application Process:

Gummed paper tape requires the use of a machine to activate the adhesive. This activation process ensures a robust and secure bond, leading to dependable package closure. The adhesive creates a long-lasting seal that can withstand the challenges posed by shipping and handling.

3. Reinforced Option:

There is an option for reinforced gummed paper tape, which incorporates additional fibres or threads within the tape’s structure. This enhancement increases the tape’s resistance to tearing and improves strength. The reinforced option is especially beneficial for heavy or valuable shipments, offering an extra layer of protection during transit.

4. Professional and Aesthetic Benefits:

The choice of gummed paper tape, not only prioritises sustainability but, also enhances the visual appeal of packages. The tape’s natural appearance adds an eco-conscious touch to the shipments, projecting a positive image of the brand’s values and commitment to the environment. This resonates positively with environmentally-conscious customers.

Overall, gummed paper tape serves as an effective and sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packing tape.

Types of Water-Activated Tape Dispensers

In this section, we will talk about the different types of water-activated tape dispensers and their respective advantages.

We will start by discussing the water-activated tape application process and its advantages.

Water-Activated Tape Application

   – Water-activated tape passes through the machine.

   – The machine applies water to moisten the adhesive before the tape is applied to the carton.

BetterPack 222 Water-Activated Tape Dispenser


  1. The BP222 is a compact manual gummed paper tape dispenser.
  2. Suited for tight workspaces and packing areas.
  3. Emphasises durability and portability.
  4. Features a sturdy metal frame and lightweight design, allowing for easy transportation.
  5. User-friendly with a pull-and-tear mechanism for tape length customisation.

BetterPack 333 Water-Activated Tape Dispenser


  1. The Better Pack 333 is a user-friendly manual paper tape machine.
  2. Offers 15 pre-set tape lengths measured in inches on a dial for easy selection.
  3. Ideal for small workspaces due to its compact design.
  4. The Better Pack 333 is a durable and reliable choice for packaging operations.
  5. The user-friendly design facilitates quick and easy tape roll changes

BetterPack 500 Water-Activated Tape Dispenser


The Better Pack 500 is an electric paper tape machine that is simple to use.

  1. Featuring an easy-to-use keypad, the machine offers 14 preset tape lengths to choose from, allowing for easy customisation.
  2. Includes a tape feed button that simplifies advancing the tape and cutting it to the desired length.
  3. Reinforced steel frame and a powerful motor, the Better Pack 500 is both durable and reliable, capable of handling tough packaging tasks.
  4. The machine comes equipped with a self-oiling blade, ensuring clean and precise cuts consistently.
  5. The user-friendly design makes maintenance hassle-free, enabling quick and easy tape roll changes.
  6. Compatible with various types of water-activated tape.
  7. The machine includes an energy-saving mode that decreases power consumption when not in use, contributing to energy efficiency.
  8. The dispenser uses only the necessary amount of tape for each application, minimising waste and saving on packaging costs.

BetterPack 555 Water-Activated Tape Dispenser


  1. Features a user-friendly keypad with 20 preset tape lengths, allowing for easy customisation.
  2. The machine incorporates a self-oiling blade that ensures clean and precise cuts every time.
  3. Accommodates various types of water-activated tapes.
  4. The dispenser is designed with features that reduce waste and energy consumption, aligning with environmentally friendly practices.
  5. Equipped with safety features such as a thermal cut-off to prevent overheating and a safety switch to disable the blade, ensuring safe operation.
  6. The Better Pack 555 is designed with a reinforced steel frame and a powerful motor, enabling it to handle tough packaging tasks effectively.
  7. Includes a convenient tape feed button, simplifying the process of advancing and cutting the tape to the desired length.
  8. The user-friendly design of the machine makes it easy to maintain, including quick and simple tape roll changes.
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