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Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap provides lightweight cushioning for fragile products during transit or storage.

Bubble wrap can also be used for void fill. Our small bubble is 10mm wide and our large is 20mm wide. The bubble wrap comes in 1500mm and 1200mm heights. But the packs can come with several rolls inside.

Bubble Wrap Variations

CodeDescriptionProduct SizePack SizePrice PerPriceBuy
B-TL-1200Large Bubble Wrap1200mm1BundleLogin for pricing
B-CL-1200Small Bubble Wrap1200mm1BundleLogin for pricing
B-TL-1500Large Bubble Wrap1500mm1BundleLogin for pricing
B-CL-1500Small Bubble Wrap1500mm1BundleLogin for pricing
B-CL-150Small Bubble Wrap150mm10BundleLogin for pricing
B-CL-300Small Bubble Wrap300mm5BundleLogin for pricing
B-TL-300Large Bubble Wrap300mm5BundleLogin for pricing
B-CL-500Small Bubble Wrap500mm3BundleLogin for pricing
B-TL-500Large Bubble Wrap500mm3BundleLogin for pricing
B-CL-600Small Bubble Wrap600mm2BundleLogin for pricing
B-TL-600Large Bubble Wrap600mm2BundleLogin for pricing
B-CL-750Small Bubble Wrap750mm2BundleLogin for pricing
B-TL-750Large Bubble Wrap750mm2BundleLogin for pricing